Our Reviews

09.08.2018 Jess P

Great place.

06.05.2018 Tanya Huglife

The studio is amazing. My kids love it. Extremely polite and nice people to work with and learn from. Besides, it is very clean. Most places hardly clean and it always bothers me…

06.02.2018 Tanya Rudz

Beautiful place!

05.25.2018 Yaroslav Suris

Great place for kids to learn dance. My son enjoying their break dance classes.

Dance Studio «TMS»

What We Offer

We offer a complete range of group classes and private dance lessons for children and adults of all ages and abilities. We teach International Latin, Hip-hop, Breakdance, also we offer wedding dance choreography, fitness, and stretching. We offer a welcoming, fun and comfortable learning environment.

Why We Are Different

Our goals are to maintain the highest quality of standards for our students, to provide the best customer service possible and an exclusive environment. Whether you are practicing your art for exercise, enjoyment or are preparing for your professional career our instruction will help you meet your goals and achieve your personal satisfaction.

Who We Are

The Founder, Trainer, Coach of The Movement Studio is Vadim Esterovskiy. Dance is our passion and we believe that this form of art can increase
self-confidence and provide an important impact for all ages to learn how to use movement to express the emotions.

How to Start

There can be many reasons to spark your interest in dance.
May it be, to get fit, impress a date, or just to expense something new.
The Movement Studio is just for you!
The best way to start your dancing experience is to contact us!
We would love to hear from you.

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