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6 y.o and up
Latin Dance
Private lessons
Dance is a tool for getting the children to break down social barriers, learn about honor and respect, teach proper etiquette, improve self-confidence, communication, and cooperation.
5 y.o and up
Hip-Hop Dance
2 times a week
This fun, high-energy kids dance class will develop creativity, coordination, musicality, listening skills, build self-esteem and promote confidence.
6 y.o and up
2 times a week
Modern Dance
It is a beautiful blend of ballet technique, jazz rhythms, and modern style creating dances that reflect the emotions and lyrics of today's contemporary music.
5 y.o and up
2 times a week
Breaking Class
The program was designed to provide students with an easy step-by-step to learning fundamentals of breakdancing.
Competitive dancing is a popular activity in which competitors perform dances in any of several permitted dance styles. It is the perfect combination of art and sport.
3-5 y.o.
2 times a week
Kids Dance
Young dancers learn the basic steps and terminology while learning how to follow directions and imitate movement in a positive environment.
Wedding Dance
We will make you feel and look great on the dance floor dancing your first wedding dance.
Private Lessons
Individual attention will be given to improving your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary and partnering skills.
Dance party
About us
TMS is the top-rated dance studio in Brooklyn, NY for kids ages 2.5 to adults.

We believe that learning the steps and skills will come naturally when the focus of the dance is on FUN, CONFIDENCE, and FRIENDSHIPS.

We use an exciting curriculum that focuses on positive reinforcement to help every dancer find confidence, explore their creativity, musicality and build the proper skills required to successfully grow as a dancer year after year.

We look forward to welcoming you into our dance family!
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Our clients and parents love our dance studio and training approach
Alena Chka
Have been taking hip hop lessens in “The Movement Studio” for more than a year and love it. Professional environment, great teacher. But we dance as a relatively small group for pleasure, not for competition or professionally.
Dr. Time Lord
The best hip hop teacher. My son just got a second class . And we can see the progress. And he loves it. He has so much fun every class.
Ronald Monge
Marina Toker
My daughter (14 years old) attends the studio’s hip hop classes. The instructor who is an amazing dancer himself has just the right approach that makes all kids love him as well as listen to him and want to do their best. He effortlessly balances instruction time with having fun. In just 2 years, my daughter went from just liking music and kinda moving to the beat, to performing at the Tremaine dance convection in NYC
Marat D
Great place, owners are friendly and attentive. I bring my 5 year old here and he is very happy with the place. I would definitely recommend this dance studio for your kids.
Anthony Selvaggio
My daughters classmate had a birthday party here. The place was clean and comfy. The entertainment was excellent. Edited because I didn’t hit all the stars. It’s a 5 star place!
The Movement Studio is an amazing place where kids can freely express themselves, gain skills and confidence. My girls have been attending the Hip Hop classes and we are so glad this studio was recommended to us. Their dance teacher is a very positive, talented individual who brings an energy and creativity to his classes. The owners are very professional and friendly.
Great place for kids to learn dance. My son enjoying their break dance classes.
Yaroslav Suris
The studio is amazing. My kids love it. Extremely polite and nice people to work with and learn from. Besides, it is very clean. Most places hardly clean and it always bothers me “how come”. The movement Studio feels like home. Clean, intelligent and fun classes for both adults and kids!
Tanya Huglife
Went there with my friend to watch her son practice dancing. I was greeted by the front desk girl and the dance teacher, both very friendly. After watching the teacher properly instruct my friend’s son, I really enjoyed watching and didn’t want to leave. I would bring my future child to dance here.
Angie B.
Kamila Gapizova
I’ve been started a few weeks ago and I already see results. The atmosphere in the class is so friendly, instructor is always helping and she does pay attention to everyone, which is very important. Great job guys, I definitely will be attending your classes!!!
Sofya Proskuriakova
I’ve been coming to this studio since they opened. I usually come to TMS kick and stretching classes. Instructors are very knowledgeable and fun. I always enjoy the classes. Highly recommend this studio !!
I really enjoyed watching my daughter dance. The smile did not leave her face. Thank you to the wonderful teachers who are very competent and talented for teaching my daughter and making her smile.
Eugene Livshits
A beautifully decorated studio with top of the line dance instruction. Ballroom, Latin, hip-hop, and other genres. Highly recommend this for dance enthusiasts, beginners, and wedding couples.
Isaac Manahim
My trainer was patient with me and extremely helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun hobby, an awesome workout, and a professional dancing experience.
This is a beautiful and spacious studio. The teachers are very knowledgeable. My daughter couldn’t have been happier. She learned many beautiful dances in a short period of time. Highly recommended for anyone who loves music and dance.
Natalia T.
I LOVE DANCE. And I love this studio. I’ve taken dance classes here and there, but I’ve never *committed* to a dance studio like this, until i found out about them. The price is right. For the quality of instruction you get I really think it’s a bargain. The instructors are AMAZING – so friendly, talented and helpful. Overall, I absolutely LOVE this studio and all the people in it
Yana Gladysheva
Thumbs up and awesome all around. Ultra friendly, pleasant, and nice customer service; made me feel welcome. Beautiful, esthetically pleasing space. Thank you!
Evgenii Grytsak
Very professional instructors and crazy fun atmosphere :))) Definitely suggest you to come here if you wanna have a great customer service and good experience on your dance lessons.
Safe, progressive and educative environment
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