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KIDS Breaking League Competition & Video Shoot

Empire Dance Championship ’17

DP Ball ’17

Dance Event

Vadim Founder/Coach

Vadim Esterovskiy is the Founder, Coach of The Movement Studio.

Born in Ukraine, where he start his dancing career when he was only 5 years old.

His parents brought him to dance class, not expecting that dancing will become the main part of his life.

Vadim was a Participant and Winner of many International Dance Competitions.

The Champion of Ukraine, Winner of Copenhagen Open and etc.

When Vadim had finished his dance career, he has focused his attention on coaching.

His students successfully compete and win many of different Dance Competitions, Ukraine Championship, Blackpool Dance Festival and many others.

Margarita Co-founder

Margarita is Co-founder and manager of The Movement Studio.

She is the sweetest person you have ever meet, and favorite of all TMS students.

Her smile and energy always create an unforgettable atmosphere in the studio.

Margarita is not a professional dancer herself, but she always surrounded by creative people and art.

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