Inessa Slavin

Beautiful facility, great Fitness class. I never had such a vigorous workout, highly recommend!

Florina Karasik

I have never been happier with the amount of professionalism and understanding, as well as, patience and respect that the dance instructors at this studio provide for my daughter. I am grateful each and every day that my daughter’s face lights up every time we come for a dance lesson. Thanks to great expertise of the instructors, my daughter has achieved a lot of success in a short period of time. Thank you Movement Studio for your existence.

TMS Fitness

We absolutely love what we do!

Isaac Manahim

My trainer was patient with me and extremely helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun hobby, an awesome workout, and a professional dancing experience.


This is a beautiful and spacious studio.  The teachers are very knowledgeable.  My daughter couldn’t have been happier.  She learned many beautiful dances in a short period of time.  Highly recommended for anyone who loves music and dance.

Eugene Livshits

A beautifully decorated studio with top of the line dance instruction. Ballroom, Latin, hip-hop, and other genres. Highly recommend this for dance enthusiasts, beginners, and wedding couples.

Yana Gladysheva

Thumbs up and awesome all around. Ultra friendly, pleasant, and nice customer service; made me feel welcome. Beautiful, esthetically pleasing space. Thank you!

Natalia T.

I LOVE DANCE. And I love this studio. I’ve taken dance classes here and there, but I’ve never *committed* to a dance studio like this, until i found out about them. The price is right. For the quality of instruction you get I really think it’s a bargain. The instructors are AMAZING – so friendly, talented and helpful. Overall, I absolutely LOVE this studio and all the people in it


I loved the place! Today was my first fitness class and it was so fun and a great workout… very good service at front and the teacher was awesome!

Evgenii Grytsak

Very professional instructors and crazy fun atmosphere :))) Definitely suggest you to come here if you wanna have a great customer service and good experience on your dance lessons.

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