Breaking Class


TMS Breakdance is the #1 Break dancing program in Brooklyn. The program was designed to provide students with an easy step-by-step to learning fundamentals of breakdancing.

Breakdance it is a type of dancing which combines strength, momentum, balance, and creativity. A dancer performs very athletic movements that involve touching the ground with various parts of the body. (such as the head or back)

The group class consists of warm-ups, fun team building activities, practice time, routines, learning the history of b-boying/ b-girling, routines, videos.

Benefits of Breakdance:

  • Improves Coordination and Balance
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking
  • Body Weight Strength
  • Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  • Performing Confidence

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